Small series or unique pieces, the Toyos use natural porosity of faience, to gently and continuously watering ornemental plants. By letting water seep in through walls, and ducting it in the same time, a miniature garden can rise from ceramics.

Each one is a canvas, that the user customizes with his selected plants, so it becomes his own piece of nature.

Plants are slowly surrounding the pipe and pots, changing their look and making them last in time. By creating a sustainable ceramic, time no longer destroys the object, it fights against its obsolescence.

Toyo « en huit », 2023
approx. 40x16x22cm

Toyo « Entrelacs », 2023
approx. 33cm diameter, 19cm height

Toyo « octopus», 2023

Toyo « sur pilotis », 2022
Approx. 25cm diameter, 12cm height

Toyo « linéaire », 2022
Approx. 42cm long, 26cm wide, 12cm height

Toyo « L’arche », 2023
Length 38 cm, width 30cm Arch height: 37cm

Toyo « satellites », 2023
Max length 50cm, max height 24cm 
Central pot: diameter 24cm, height 16cm